Technology Impact Assessment

Areas of Focus:

  • Process and impact evaluation of public-sector R&D programs
  • Public and private financial analysis

  • Evaluation methods, including benefit-cost analysis, case study, bibliometrics, historical tracing, survey, and others

  • Science and technology policy


Rosalie Ruegg, Director of TIA Consulting, Inc.,

specializes in the assessment of Science and Technology (S&T) projects, programs, and portfolios.
She has more than 35 years of evaluative experience working with scientists, engineers, and company leaders engaged in high-risk research and development (R&D). 

TIA Consulting, Inc. assembles, directs,  and participates in research teams to conduct evaluation studies of varying size and complexity, using a variety of evaluation methods and techniques.  

Clients include government agencies in the United States and abroad, universities, companies, and non-profit institutions.

Contact:  ruegg@ec.rr.com

             tel:  252-354-9321    fax:  919-882-9766

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